Amazon Autoposter WordPress Plugin, Powerful and Easy to Post Products from Amazon

Amazon Autoposter merupakan plugin untuk WordPress weblogs dari lunaticstudios untuk mempermudahkan kita post products from Amazon pada blog secara otomatis. Amazon Autoposter ini, mempunyai 2 versi yaitu free version dan premium version.

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  • Create good-looking product posts on any keywords you want. That means you can post anything that’s sold on Amazon!
  • Schedule up to 16 product posts at the same time (or an unlimited number in the premium version!)
  • Possibility to add excerpts of Amazon products reviews as comments to your product posts, meaning even more content!
  • Many customizable options i.e. time span between scheduled posts, length of product description and use of Amazon’s thumbnail image
  • NEW in version 1.1: Automatically post products from either, or!
  • NEW in version 1.2: Schedule posted Amazon products or publish them immediatelly.

Download Free Version

View Demo Blog


  • Download plugin !
  • Upload file “amazonautoposter.php” ke “wp-content/plugins” folder WordPress installation.
  • Activate plugin di Admin panel.
  • ke Settings -> Amazon Autoposter  plugin option.


Amazon Aotoposter Options

  1. Amazon Affiliate ID, isi dengan id affiliate amazon anda
  2. Post Product Thumbnail, pilih yes/no
  3. Post Reviews as Comments, pilih yes/no
  4. Amazon Description Excerpt Length, pilihan karakter yang dipergunakan untuk post
  5. Amazon Website, pilihan untuk amazon website, / / ….. Save Option (A)
  6. Keyword, isi keyword yang akan anda posting
  7. Category, pilih categories yang sesuai dan sudah ada di category anda
  8. Number of Products to post, pilih jumlah postingan, 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 8/ 12/ 16
  9. Days between posts, pilihan untuk jarak tiap post tampil, 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ publish now/ add as draft

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