Virtual Private Network – AlwaysVPN

AlwaysVPN is a hosted virtual private network. Our service creates an encrypted link between your computer and our servers and then forwards all of your internet traffic through this link.

For example this prevents local eavesdroppers from listening in on your web communication at a public WIFI hotspot. Furthermore unlike many other commercial VPN’s that may be blocked by firewalls our program can work on any Internet connection that allows you to browse web sites.

The service is provided for free by showing advertising at the top of web pages that you view while you are using the AlwaysVPN network.

AlwaysVPN is still in early BETA.



Program ini merupakan pengembangan dari OpenVPN yang langsung terintegrasi dengan protocol UDP atau TCP yang dapat dipilih.

Cara Install & Running :
– Install, terbentuk TAP-Win32 Adapter dan OpenVPN GUI di tray icon
– Connect Internet
– Right Click Tray icon OpenVPN GUI (warna merah) >> alwaysvpn-udp-Faster >> connect.

– Tunggu sampai tray icon warna hijau.
– Browser set no proxy

Percobaan :
– Proxl pulsa Rp. 0, hasil free
– Kecepatan bisa mencapai 200 KBps
– Sering disconnect dan kurang stabil

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